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September Blog - Variety is the Spice of Life!

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Well it’s been a long and interesting summer where business typically for me slows down as business owners and their teams take well-earned breaks. I hope you have enjoyed your break!

We have been blessed with some wonderful weather too in the UK. That said it seems to have flown by and September is upon us already.

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Unlocking potential

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It’s been a busy start to the month with a big focus being on employee engagement and unlocking employee motivation and potential.  I’ve spent two enjoyable, yet demanding days with Business South and Tate Recruitment, working with their clients, primarily HR Managers and Leaders where I delivered over 60 Motivational Maps®.

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Take a reboot break!

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Another month gone and it’s hard to believe we’re half way through this year already!

With the bank holidays and half term, May always appears to be a shorter month from a business perspective, so from that respect I’m glad it’s over.

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Plenty of variety

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May is looking set to be an exciting month with plenty of variety ahead.

I’m going to be working with some new clients coaching them in leadership skills, as well as reconnecting with some past clients I’ve previously done workshops for plus concluding programmes with several other clients.  It’s always nice to be able to work with past clients and see the progress they’ve made, whether that’s over months or years. It gives me great satisfaction to see the improvements.

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A shift in focus

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It’s a funny time of year at the moment.  I’ve been spending a fair bit of time this month looking at my strategy for my business going forward, which has resulted in a lot of interesting meetings as I reshape my strategy.

There is a lot to look forward to and I think it will start to take effect at the end of April and throughout May.

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Practice what you preach

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There’s certainly lots to keep me busy at the moment.  Like any business, you have your busy periods and your quieter times so it’s important to be able to plan for these.  For me, I’m busy planning for the next few months as the projects I’ve been talking about in my previous blogs slowly start to take shape.

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Exciting projects are looming!

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While January was a slow month it’s hard to believe we’re already three quarters of the way through the second month of 2017.  Will time ever slow down?!

Some exciting projects are kicking off this month with a workshop for the Post Office and 70 of their managers.  It’s been a little while in the planning so it’s always satisfying when they come to fruition.

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Happy New Year!

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I hope you all enjoyed the festive break and managed to get a little time away from work. The way the holidays have fallen this year has given most a longer break than usual. It’s always a good time to reflect on the past year and look at the year ahead. I was able to use some of the time to get 30,000 words under my belt towards my book. It’s coming along nicely now.

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New direction, new year ahead

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So, another year seems to have gone by in a flash.  It’s hard to believe 2017 is nearly here!

It’s certainly been a year of ups and downs what with the ending of Growth Accelerator funding but then that has opened up new opportunities and allowed me the chance to really look at the business, the direction in which it’s heading, and the strategy I am now adopting for the year ahead.

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Award Winning!

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What an exciting month October turned out to be! You will undoubtedly have seen the various social media posts regarding Aish Technologies winning the Solent Business Award 2016 for Dynamic Growth - what a brilliant achievement.  It’s been such a privilege to have assisted them over the past year with their Employee Engagement training and see the business flourish.  It’s also a great endorsement for the work I carry out, and was very humbled to have been mentioned in dispatches.

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