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Practice what you preach

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There’s certainly lots to keep me busy at the moment.  Like any business, you have your busy periods and your quieter times so it’s important to be able to plan for these.  For me, I’m busy planning for the next few months as the projects I’ve been talking about in my previous blogs slowly start to take shape.

It’s a good opportunity for me to take my own advice and practice what I preach when it comes to personal effectiveness.   This is one area that I focus on with individuals and businesses and explain that it’s less about position nowadays, rather it’s more about the personal power you hold.

According to Harvard Business School, 15% of your earning potential comes from knowledge and direct skills, and the other 85% comes from inter-personal and leadership skills.  The ability to influence people to achieve their common goals and purposes hinges on your personal effectiveness – the new power of competence.  It’s what makes people successful because it’s based on the individual and not their position; it’s about personal power.  I’ve been demonstrating this in the negotiations I’ve been having with potential new clients.  And it’s satisfying!

Your values and beliefs plays a large part in your personal effectiveness.  It’s how they impact your ability to grow as an individual and as a business.  And better still you can use what you learn in your personal life; whether that’s communication styles, reasons that stop you moving forward with a personal goal or your overall ability to be the best persuader and influencer you can be.  Building confidence underlies these aspects and a major contributing factor to your own personal success, so if you can conquer this, you’re half way there!

I mentioned values and beliefs.  Your values are the starting point; they’re the principles by which you effectively run your life, and by which you set rules and boundaries.  So, to be effective, you must understand what these values are and the values of those people that you surround yourself with.  In business, particularly, you’ll come across individuals where their values will be in conflict to yours, so understanding your values system will help you to manage yourself around others.

Wrapping around our values are our beliefs, i.e. the things we constantly accept or tell ourselves.  If you habitually tell yourself something there is a point where it becomes a belief.

Together your values and beliefs add to your personal power, your overall effectiveness and makes you who you are.

If you’d like to find out more about my personal effectiveness courses, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.