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Unlocking potential

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It’s been a busy start to the month with a big focus being on employee engagement and unlocking employee motivation and potential.  I’ve spent two enjoyable, yet demanding days with Business South and Tate Recruitment, working with their clients, primarily HR Managers and Leaders where I delivered over 60 Motivational Maps®.

Motivational Maps® is the unique approach that will improve staff and team appraisal systems.  In today’s society, it would be remiss of anyone to think that their business can operate effectively without a performance appraisal system, but it seems most current appraisal systems fail to deliver, and many staff dislike them intensely.

Why? Standard appraisal systems offer questionable results which are often variable and unfair; they require perceived non-core skills to deliver, and they can be time consuming and expensive. Most Managers hate conducting them as much as employees dislike receiving them.

Motivational Maps® Appraisal has a completely original, compelling and effective approach to the appraisal system and almost guarantees success because of the unique way it is structured. Current appraisal systems aren’t effective because they are all about thinking - thinking about self-review, thinking about performance, thinking about goals and so on. How many employees want to do all this thinking on a busy working day? It can be very exhausting!

For the past couple of days, I’ve delivered Motivational Maps® which have energized people, because it gets them ‘feeling’ not thinking.  It’s amazing the difference this can have on an individual so it’s exciting to be able to take this to next level. After delivering these workshops I was able to offer three ways/choices that participants could work with me:

1.      A two-hour workshop with up to 10 team members similar to the workshop they had just attended

2.      The opportunity to become a ‘Motivational Champion’ in their business by qualifying as a Motivational Maps® Practitioner – 1 day

3.      To add Motivational Maps appraisal to their practitioner training with an extra days training.

I’m looking forward to seeing how these develop over the coming months and working alongside these businesses further.

If you’d like to find out more about Motivational Maps® and how your business might benefit, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.