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How do I reward my staff effectively

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How do I reward my staff effectively?

The big problem with psychometric tests and self-perception inventories and so on is - SO WHAT? Yes, it is good that the individual reads their report, learns about their self, and becomes more self-aware; but from the organisational point of view, does it make any lasting difference? Usually no! Staffs briefly enjoy reading about themselves and quickly move on. Result = Money wasted! The Solution = Motivational Maps® Reward Strategies.


Motivational Maps® Reward Strategies start where other personality tools end.

Motivational Maps® Reward Strategies hit the motivating hot buttons of your employees.

Motivational Maps® Reward Strategies boost performance & directly increase staff productivity.

What is Motivational Maps® Reward Strategies?

As an effective business motivation tool, Motivational Maps® Reward Strategies is a 60 page pack full of cutting edge ideas, methods, tools and techniques to "motivate" employees once their Motivational Map® has been completed.

Furthermore, our Authorised Practitioners trained in this area can apply the pack to teams as well as advising whole organisations on the most advantageous steps to take to improve staff motivation. Motivational Maps® Reward Strategies unpacks the key areas of the summary seen below: -



Hot Buttons

Key Rewards


Expertise & Mastery

Training & Development


Recognition & Respect

Awards & Status


Money & Material Satisfaction

££££ & Material Perks


Belonging and Friendship

Support & Involvement


Security and Predictability

Communications & Continuity


Innovation and Change

Rewards for Innovation


Power and Influence

Responsibility & Influence


Freedom and Independence

Autonomy & Empowerment


What can Motivational Maps® Reward Strategies do for my business?

Imagine it - you as an MD, Director or Manager - knowing what the three hot buttons of your employees are, AND, how to hit those hot buttons and turn your staff on to boost team performance and increase productivity.