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The 9 motivators at work

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Our work related inner needs are defined by our Motivational Map®. This is a complex mix of 9 different motivators. To make each motivator easier to understand and remember, we have given them each a name, which we hope, paints a picture of how that motivator looks in action.

The Builder is motivated by money and material satisfactions. Does this sound like you? But exactly what can we do to motivate the Builder and what demotivates him or her?

The Director likes to be in control of people and resources and loves to be the one making all the decisions. But what happens when he or she doesn’t feel in control?

We all know that creative types are supposed to be volatile, but are they and what will set them off?

Do you like stability, security and safety? Is this your main motivator at work?

Is doing meaningful work more important to you than the money? What is it you are looking for? Do you know? Does your boss know?

So you like to plough your own furrow. Hate rules and paperwork and being bossed around!

People are your thing. You like to be part of a team and your work has to be sociable.

You love to learn. Want to be master of your trade or profession?

You are good at your job and you want everyone to know about it? Be recognised for your achievements


Motivational Maps will discover your employees Personal Motivators and show you how to improve staff and team motivation through effective Reward Strategies, Appraisal and Team Building techniques.

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