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Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness welcome

As already mentioned in the introduction, these days it is less about the position you command and more about your personal power.

In this section we look at your Values and Beliefs and how they impact your ability to grow as an individual and a business.

We look at your communication style - do you have one?

…and also the communication styles of others.

We look at the nine reasons that could hold you back from your personal power and what to do.

We take a look at how well we present ourselves to the outside world and what inter-personal skills we can develop to help our presentation style

This section is all about building personal power and confidence




Personal effectivness introduction

Did you know that 15% of your earning potential comes from knowledge and direct skills?

And that the other 85% comes from inter-personal and leadership skills?

Source: Harvard Business School

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Values and Beliefs


Your values are the blueprint by which you operate your life. They are the principles by which you run your life and in essence are the things you hold dear to you. Your values will determine your ‘rules and boundaries’ for your behaviours and the expectations you have of yourself and others.

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Overcoming business limits and beliefs

What are your beliefs and which ones are holding you back.

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Personal performance

Be the BEST you can be!

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