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Values and Beliefs

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Your values are the blueprint by which you operate your life. They are the principles by which you run your life and in essence are the things you hold dear to you. Your values will determine your ‘rules and boundaries’ for your behaviours and the expectations you have of yourself and others.



Therefore, to be truly effective in life it is important to understand your values and those of the people around you. Often conflict will occur between individuals, businesses and cultures simply because there is a conflict of values.


Once you have understood and mastered your ‘value’ system, it will be easy to understand how you operate around other people who either share - or do not share your -  values. This in turn adds to your personal power, effectiveness and ability to shine.


Once you truly understand your values, you’ll be amazed at how it simplifies life.



If ‘values’ represent our blueprint for life; what is right and wrong; the rules and boundaries by which will live and our expectation - then what are beliefs?


Our beliefs are no more than the things we have consistently accepted or tell ourselves over time and are quite often wrapped around our values. If you habitually tell yourself something there is a point where it becomes a belief.