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Skills for Business Training

Strategic Management

Strategic Management Model

By now you will understand your motivation, personal power and effectiveness. So now you will need a strategy to make it all work.

Whether you are a business owner or individual you will need a strategy for your business of life.

In this section we look at the seven key components you or your business to succeed.


Session 1 Vision and Positioning

Understanding why you want to do anything is critical, especially when it relates to your livelihood and business. When looking at your vision we will be looking at the seven key components that makes up a clear and concise vision.

Positioning your business is also vital. There are four key measurement criteria, which determine your business, is currently strategically aligned and if not what you need to do. Finally you will need the process to go away and get your positioning ‘word’ for your business or yourself.

By the end of this session you will be clear about how to find your position.


Session 2 Lead Generation
There is many ways to generate leads and there are a few ways to generate completely pre – sold leads. This process enables you to achieve; 10 calls 10 appointments 10 sales as apposed to 10 calls 3 appointments 1 sale. This session will demonstrate that process and by the end of the session you will know a 4-step process with 10 components to create ‘pre sold’ leads.


Session 3 Lead Management
What do you or business owners do with business cards they receive? Do they have process of recording information? Do they have a methodology to diarise and record every conversation/phone call and potential lead? Can they get back to a client when agreed? This session is designed to capture this information and give a tool to work with so they never miss an opportunity to manage their leads.


Session 4 Sales Process
If ‘pre sold’ leads are generated or not this process demonstrates how to manage the ‘energy’ around managing the sales process. There are six measurable steps in the process, including how to manage meetings in a way that you build a relationship to ensure ongoing business.


Session 5 Resource Management

If as a result of the earlier workshops the orders come thick and fast how will your business cope? This session will give you three clear ways to view your business from a capacity management perspective, including a diary management system to efficiently manage resources and time throughout your business.

Have you identified every function in your business? Do you know how much Motivation in the workplace is key to business success? This will be highlighted in this session – along with a process that identifies the nine inner motivators at work.


Session 6 Client Management

The sessions is linked closely to session 5 because not only do you need to manage the incoming business but in a way that ‘wow’s their clients to want to buy more (and tell their friends). By the end of the session, you will have a resource mix tool for their business and a tool to manage client expectations that will generate client loyalty (whilst increase sales) and stimulate referrals.


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