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Skills for Business Training

Business Coaching

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Business Coaching challenges owners to look at their businesses from a strategic position and to examine areas of:

  • Strategy
  • Revenue
  • Productivity
  • Work/ Life Balance

Most business owners by their own admission are technicians first and managers second.

Most business owners start their businesses because of their love for their chosen profession.

However, they soon find they are managing a business with its all its issues including compliance; staffing issues; health and safety; administration – the list goes on - doing anything but what they love.

This has the effect of eating into their time - often leaving business owners working long, unproductive hours affecting morale, motivation and the productivity of the business. All this can be avoided by adopting a different way of thinking and strategising the business.

the coaching process

Starting the coaching process:

The first step is to complete a fact find. This is designed to give us a picture of your business. We spend time talking with you and your staff about the business, their roles, what they see working well, what issues or concerns they may have, what the culture of the business is, etc. This helps us identify the stage of development that your business is at. We are then able to put together a business strategy for you. To conduct the fact-find, we need to spend one day in your business.


Design Strategy:

After the fact find we will spend several weeks designing your business strategy. This is a Coaching Plan, not a Business Plan. A Coaching Plan identifies the issues that coaching could assist you with. Your Coaching Plan will also prioritise the issues that you need to focus on. Skills for Business

methodology focuses on identifying the issues, designing the strategy then implementation through coaching. We prefer that you spend your time and money making this happen, rather than spending it on the traditional business-planning approach that has a high up-front cost, and produces a Business Plan document that is usually handed to you to implement without any further assistance. The Skills for Business approach gets your business off to a quick start.

Present Strategy:

Once the Coaching Plan has been drawn up it will be presented to you on a date to be agreed. Each coaching recommendation will be explained to you during this presentation. Once the coaching is agreed, the delivery process will then be agreed with the client to suit the pace that the client wishes to work at.